On Life and Love

The bad with the good.

So WO is back in town, and I went out for Thai food with his family. Post-dinner, WO, his 16-ish year-old sister P., and I went out for milkshakes and embarrassing jokes. On our way back, in the pouring rain, a car was stopped ahead of me with lights flashing. As I eased around, we saw that it looked like someone had been hit by a car. She wasn’t moving or responding to the calls of the person leaning over her, and ambulances hadn’t arrived yet. We pulled off and used P’s cell phone to call an ambulance (which someone or several someones had already done), but the damage was done as far as putting a damper on the evening.

It reminded me of the night I hung out with George and A. in San Francisco back in April. As we were cruising the streets and seeing the sights, we came across an ambulance with no lights on. The operators were pulling a tarp over a body.

Both are just the kind of occurances that stick in your mind, whether you want them to or not.

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  • Michael

    so one thing that has stuck with me whether i like it or not has been you little middle school story that has never left me, and to this day, i know little more depressing/frightening/saddening