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Howzat work?

Lissa: Dr. 7 came in to congratulate me–a bug in my profile in KoL that he reported caused a system wide bug fix, and my fucking zip file is extracting.
WO: It is?!
WO: How?
Lissa: PkZip is smart enough to just fucking extract the files one by one without trying to play mommy and tell me what’s wrong with file #27462272 when I care about file #1.
WO: Yay!
WO: Wait.
WO: P… K…?
WO: Are you seriously using pkZip?
WO: I mean, like, Grampa PK?
Lissa: The old PkZip program? Yeah. Version 8.0 for Windows […]. Courtesy of Dr. 7.
WO: Awesome.

Yes, Grampa PKZip saved my bacon:

[8/11/2005 10:00:34 PM] Extracting C:\Documents and Settings\averymd\Desktop\Full Backup-[2005-08-11 at 07.09].zip

* Extracted 15,162 files
* Skipped 0 files
* 0 errors/warnings

[8/11/2005 10:55:00 PM] Finished.

I slept very well last night.

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  • Luke

    And here I thought his indexing most of the known internet was a completely insane idea. Turns out his archive does have it’s uses.