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Three things: pass it forward

Stolen from Krista:

List 3 things that bug you – things that others may find trivial. If you have an idea on how to fix it, be sure to put that down too. Then tag 6 of your friends. Only list three things because you may/can be tagged again.

  1. Slowness – Not just ordinary slowness. I mean slowness in getting started on things that you know need to be done. I mean stopping in the middle of a project to dick around and leaving shit in shambles while you frolic. I mean dragging a five hour project out over two or three days. I also mean being late getting places or meeting people because you don’t or can’t factor in your own damn slowness. I also mean slowness in making small decisions–should it take an hour to decide where you want to eat? There are five restaurants to choose from. Really. (Note: I will playfully excuse myself and WO from that last one, because, well, we do that. *shrug* Everyone else, though… *shakes grumpy finger*)
  2. Websites that require Javascript or Flash to navigate – Despite my l33t CS coder background (it’s even hereditary!), I do sometime run sans javascript, and Flash is always the last plugin I install in Firefox, despite the fact that the damn Rose-Hulman webpage uses it. Case in point: Frontier Labs, the folks that make my CompactFlash MP3 player. To fix it, here’s a novel idea: FLASH IS NOT SEXY. It’s just not. It’s not cool. You know what Flash is good for on the intarweb? Videos. Like “The End of the World” and “Only in Kenya“. That’s it, folks.
  3. Drivers that don’t let pedestrians cross. See, where I come from, pedestrians have the right-of-way. Admittedly, they probably shouldn’t dawdle as they cross the skreet, but they have the right-of-way. Is your trip to the mall, grocery store, or emergency room of the hospital so f’ing important that you can’t let that 80-year woman with a walker and a seeing eye dog hobble across the street without you cutting her off? Patience, people, patience. It ain’t that skerious.

Tag, bitches! WO (bwua-ha-ha, time to edit that blog, darling dear), Nathan, Jenny, EJ, Jenn, and Luke.

Edit: Here’s Jenny’s. Here’s WO’s.


  • stobor

    Haha, #2 – Anyone that still uses flash that much just reminds me of 2000. I dont understand the RHIT front page at all – that top logo should be a static image, and the news crawler gets updated so infrequently that i never look at it anyway – they could do the same thing with a few hours of javascript work. And then it could parse the top stories from the other page….

    As far as javascript, well, its really powerful if done right. however, most of the people that use javascript out there wrote it for only 1 browser, and it only works half the time on that browser. Im working on a few projects that are really starting to embrace javascipt, and when done right, it really helps a lot. (And yes, it works both in Firefox and IE so far… haven’t tested opera or safari yet…) Ill keep people like you in mind for a non-javascript version (or at least one that doesn’t asplode with a non-javascript browser).

  • Lissa

    I’m with you on the Javascript bit–I’ve seen (and helped create) some good, healthy, robust uses for Javascript that were not browser-dependent and were aids rather than crutches or the backbone of navigation.

    “Asplode.” *laugh* – I love it.

  • Hannah

    I know the guy who made “Only in Kenya” and all the other Weebl and Bob cartoons. His name is Jonty Picking and we flew him over here from England to do a talk in our webcomics lecture series. This was through the awesome Lecture Series Committee (LSC) where we also run theater-quality movies. Yay! He was so cool. He was here early and he just hung out in the room Yang and I were sharing then. He told us a funny story about making all the music with his crappy keyboard.

  • Lissa

    Holy hell, Hannah, that’s awesome. “Only in Kenya” makes me happy.

    The Lecture Series Committee sounds sweet. Can you give me details, so that I might be able to see if Rose can emulate a cool thing?