On Life and Love

Classes resume

Monday and Tuesday night I worked myself into a tizzy about the beginning of classes and my schedule and the Thorn and how little time I would have with WO and friends and to breathe and blah and blah and blah…

And then WO pimp-smacked me in the face and said, “Shut up, woman! It won’t be that bad.”

Okay, he didn’t smack me, but he probably wanted to.

My schedule is here. It’s not that bad. I’ve already had Organic, and the professor is a coffee-powered maniac. Good fun.

I’m putting in 14-ish hours a week at the Laptop Shop, and the awesome thing is that the pay rate is merely a quarter ($0.25) below the pay rate at the Homework Hotline (as opposed to the $2.25 difference between my previous job and the Homework Hotline). This means that if I need to, it’s no problem (fiscally) to drop hours of work when my workload picks up and the shop’s workload drops.

That’s an unbelievable relief.


  • Dulin

    Organic Chemistry! It’s a beast… my love for it died when methyl groups would, for no particular reason (beyond stupid thermodynamics and energy and stuff) would simply move from one bonded location on an organic molecule to another, six atoms over, which of course changed all the properties leading to a mess… and sometimes explosions :-).

  • Lissa

    …Thanks, Dulin. O-chem is the class I want to take the least anyway. Grr.


  • rackrent

    Good luck with analytical and organic chems. I was never brave enough to take both at the same time. Pat yourself on the back, chica.

  • Luke

    I agree with WO. That looks like my schedule for junior year for the most part. You’ll do fine…just remember to sleep.

  • Lissa

    Yeah, but Luke… I plan to pass everything. And keep up my physical health. And keep up my relationship with WO. Our schedules are a little different…

    And besides, WO wasn’t scoffing at my schedule (his is lighter than mine, because he doesn’t work 20 hours a week). He was scoffing at my complaint that we wouldn’t be able to see each other much anymore and that I can’t delegate Thorn things to be done.