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Getting a prescription

Why is the BSB study room the home of all the dice-rolling RPG/D & D geeks? Jeebus.

After my weird Thorn-related seedy RPG-underbelly dice rolling fever dream last night, I’m finding all this rather funny…

According to the roommate, I just need a prescription for more cowbell.



  • Luke

    Cowbell? I thought that attracted more pnp gamers.

    Could it be the people who already inhabit the basement that attacks that kind of people?

  • Lissa

    …I don’t even think that comment was in English, Luke.

    “Could it be the people who already inhabit the basement that attacks that kind of people?” – Are you picking on WO? You do realize he’s a dice-rolling geek, too, right? Nobody said anything about attacking anyone.

    You’re weird.

  • Imani

    I think it’s because a lot of freshmen live in BSB, so you’re bound to get an RPG group together out of that and the basement study room is the best place in the dorm to hold a session. Plus, the same group of guys is doing sessions twice a week. I’m totally lost on the cowbell comment, though.

  • Lissa

    The cowbell thing is a reference to a Christopher Walken Saturday Night Live skit the roommate showed me. Blue Oyster Cult, and all that.

    Yeah, just about all those guys are in the Anime Club, too, I’ve noticed.

  • Luke

    Lol. You see my editing skills have gotten really, really good. Substitute “attract” for “attack” in the previous comment. I’m sure you’ll find it to be more humorous.

  • Lissa

    Wow, Luke. I thought you were a doc bitch now… This doesn’t bode well.

  • Luke

    Yeah, well it turns out most of my job can be done by a well formated copy and paste robot. Which I would write and make do my job except for the fact that I’d still have to physically be present at work to be paid for my job and I’d have even less to do…so I don’t want to be bored at work so I’ll just stick with doing it myself.

  • Guy

    My roommate and I had the same problem in our dorm study room freshman year. I have no idea why they decide to flock there either.