On Life and Love

One day nursery

So remember that Ace of Base song, “All That She Wants“? The chorus goes:

All that she wants is another baby
She’s gone tomorrow boy

Okay, this song came out in 1993. Why is it that it’s not until 12 years later that I understand that the song is about a booty call instead some weird woman’s quick desire for a child?

*blush* I am so dumb.


  • Michelle

    Lissa – I can honestly say – that I didn’t know that it was about a booty call either when it was out – and I was much older than you!! Oh well… 🙂

  • Dulin

    Hey, don’t feel bad, there are tons of songs where I thought it was about one thing and then it turned out to be something completely different. I think it happens when you first hear a song and make a judgment about its message and if that judgement isn’t challenged, it sticks indefinitely.

  • Jenny

    i lo-ove ace of base. i still have their tape. yes, tape. although i do think i knew what it meant. if i didn’t, i don’t remember when i realized it wasn’t about yearnings for motherhood.

    ps: did i mention i LOVE ace of base?

  • Jenny

    oh yesss. i just remembered that right around that time i was also in love with this song by real mccoy that i heard at the skating rink all the time: Another Night

    In the night in my dreams I’m in love with you
    Cuz you talk to me like lovers do
    I feel joy I feel pain ’cause it’s still the same
    When the night is gone I’ll be alone

    oh boy. thanks for that lissa.

  • Lissa

    Oh, wow–I loved the song “Another Night”. Holy hell, you brought back memories.

    Ace of Base I loved at the time, but I can do without them now.