Wiki, wiki, scratch

Although Sexy Short Stuff also sent a suggestion for the breed of cactus I’m now sporting, Mae won, methinks, with the suggestion of the Tephrocactus articulatus.

So per the agreement in the “Five dollars, for j00z” challenge, I’ve created a little Wikipedia article for my little Tephrocactus articulatus var. inermis. (My first Wikipedia article! I’ve been deflowered!)

Now we’ll just have to see if the article stands the test of Wiki-time.

Midnight linkage

Five dollars, for j00z.

I’ll PayPal $5 to the first person who can identify the type of cactus I have. Here is a photo. I’ve done a few hours of research in Arizona stores and on the Internet, and I can’t find the breed. Even Wikipedia couldn’t help me.

I’ll want some kind of reference I can check for more information (care, etc.). Online references are awesome, but I’m not scared of books.

Hell, I’ll flesh out whatever Wikipedia page is relevent with a picture if I can just figure out what breed it is.

Five dollars. For j00z.