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Eating my words: Bjork

I’ve never been much of a fan of Bjork. Her music has always tended to sound like someone took a sweet, friendly, normally quiet cat and strung it up with dental floss by the pads of its paws in a chimney while the fire below it built to a nice and roasty heat.

Tonight, though, a DJ on Dublab (Chicken George) mixed a track that I immediately knew to be Bjork (I mean, honestly, the woman is very distinctive) that has made me eat my words. It’s a track called “I Miss You”, and although she still makes her characteristic odd sounds, the song is amazing, with a nice little D’n’B beat going on (reminiscent of Everything But the Girl’s latest type of stuff, although at a slightly lower tempo) and a little synth horn that’s horn-y enough to make itself known but not brassy enough to piss me off.

Yes, I said “horn-y”. Hyuck, hyuck.

If Bjork is producing stuff like this, though, I may need to give her a second look. Recommendations for albums/songs?

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  • Guy

    Her “Best of” album is a good place to start. I like some of her songs and I have no idea why. I only listen to trance otherwise.