On Life and Love

Magic in my hands.

“Do you feel the magic in my hands when I touch and rub you the right way…?” Johnny Gill, “Rub You the Right Way”.

I know it’s a good day when I:

  • Have just so little sleep that everything is funny. I mean everything.
  • Spend five solid minutes in lab laughing at my partner’s reaction to Oranges and Lemons’ “Soramimi Cake”. I almost pissed my pants. (Hey, then we could have collected it and analyzed un-moldy urine!)
  • Give a loud-ass whoop of joy in the middle of the hallway when my lab partner and I were told we could just throw away the plastic bottles (formerly containing urine) that we’d been using for the past three weeks.
  • Sing Johnny Gill’s “Rub You the Right Way” with the lab partner. While others were in lab, too. Repeatedly. Complete with dances from the video. Awesomely enough, Andrea’s voice can go as deep as Gill’s.
  • Get to be done with this experiment. More on that in another post, along with my theories on the problems with/consequences of analytical chemistry.
  • Get to be nearly done with this quarter. This certainly hasn’t been a bad quarter, but it has been a decently long one, and I’m ready for it come to an end.
  • This may be my last term of chemistry at Rose, and today my last chemistry lab. Andrea and I went out with a bang.
  • I’m looking forward to a decently strenuous session of pilates later, partly in order to work the kinks out of my back.
  • I’m also starting up a new hobby. Fairly social, if distantly so, it taps into my geek urges, my social urges, my playful urges, and my creative urges. If I can get over my shyness, it could be fun, even if it’s a copycat hobby.