On Life and Love

Spring break!

Next week is [tag]Spring Break[/tag], and barring a major incident of some sort, I’ve got plans!

Monday, WO and I will head up to [tag]The Art Institute of Chicago[/tag] for the day. That night, we’ll head over to Chesterton, IN for Tuesday’s day at [tag]Indiana Dunes State Park[/tag], where we’ll hike a bit and see the sights.

Wednesday is the last day of the short trip out, but we’ll head to [tag]Potato Creek State Park[/tag] in North Liberty, IN, for more hiking, maybe some canoeing or paddleboating. Then we’ll head home and do homework.

I’m excited, and as long as I keep my favorite vampire lathered in sun screen/block, I think he’ll get over his pressing fear of skin cancer and have a good time.

I’m especially looking forward to not having to deal with my computer for several days. No computers! Just books and sun.

We were hoping for caves, but those are mostly in the southern part of the state, and I didn’t want to zigzag all over the place (Chicago -> southern Indiana = long drive). We might make a day trip out of a visit to [tag]Marengo Cave[/tag].