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    Rashid Muhammad’s response is excellent. Guinier’s initial contention is thought provoking, but Muhammad’s answer put it in better perspective. Of course, this is coming from a white male from a magnet school of a rich county of Florida (though I commuted there.) Just mentioning fairness at the end said volumes, because that’s what merit-based decisions are supposed to be. I think it will never be fair for two reasons:(A) life’s not fair – we don’t get to choose our environment, and (B) our environment definately has an effect on our quality of life and person (I hold that nature vs nurture are typically on the same order of magnitude). That said, I think that my position here (R-H) came not only from my own innate qualities, but from the (rather expensive) effort the local government went through to foster a better education for me. By the time a person goes to college or hits the workforce, it may be too difficult to change environmental variables to improve a person’s lot substantially – save for those of extraordinary will and drive. Knowing myself, I doubt I’d be doing anything besides a dead-end labor job without the magnet programs.