On Life and Love

Self-identity and identity blogging

In the past couple of days, I’ve been asked what the deal is with all the porn/sex-related links here on this site. I find this a little silly, since the proportion isn’t much different than for technology, race, and news/political links I post, but I suppose sex is always an eye-grabber.

But this brings up the general (and recently renewed) foci of this site. Along with the recent color and style change, there’s been a small change that may have been unnoticed by casual visitors and Bloglines users. This, formerly my little “about” blurb on the right:

Lissa: Runner. Rose-Hulman junior. Weight-lifter. Music-lover. Computer scientist. Minor chemist. Avid reader.

has been changed to what is now:

Rose-Hulman student. Computer scientist. Woman. Small-time chemist. Bisexual. Runner. Avid reader. Weight-lifter. Black. Curmudgeonly. Music-lover. Editor of a college newspaper. Lover of WO.

I don’t necessarily bring this up in order to jump on the “identity blogging” wagon (which I’m not sure I can even clearly define), but I do bring it up to demonstrate some of the things that interest me, and that, hence, I’ll be blogging about (“Everyday Thoughts”, after all). I am interested in issues of sexuality, sex, and pornography. I am interested in weight issues and athleticism. I am interested in issues of race. I am interested in issues with mainstream media and the press. I am interested in computer and technology issues. I am interested in books. I am interested in my life with WO and my relations with other people. I am interested in intelligence. I like being curmudgeonly.

These are relevant issues in my life, so I will read about these. I will write about these.

I want to inspire and foster conversation on what could be challenging issues, especially some that I am continuing to research and form thoughts about.

If the topics are too weird or offensive for people to enjoy, then friend or foe, I won’t be offended if you stop reading. That said, selective reading likely won’t hurt anyone either.

I want to move away from entries where the sole purpose is to bemoan or take glee in my current, transient emotional state. (I know I’m crossposting on LiveJournal, but let’s break some stereotypes here.) No, life ain’t always great, but I’m not sure that I want to document every speed bump in my life. In the long run, I probably won’t remember the three nights of shitty sleep I’ve had this week, but I probably will remember the issue of the equality of “girls” and “guys”. Or the issue of calling women “sluts” and “whores” in pornography.

Renewed foci (or focuses, if you prefer). Love it or hate it.