• A

    I think I understand. Graduate school’s just a booster into teaching for me. And it oughta be fun. It’s for people who really are interested in their subject – if you enjoy your topic, then you’re already winning.

  • Brandon

    Do a master’s thesis first, and that way you’ll get to have a better idea on what’s what in the graduate world, make connections, figure out what sort of advisor you want for the long haul. I would recommend the master’s anyway, because you just never know if you’re going to end up hating it. If you have any questions, I might be able to help.

  • Lissa

    Brandon: won’t that just about double my time in grad school, though? Masters’ take a few years, and doctorates a few years on top of that, right? I wanna research and teach, and I can’t teach without a Ph.D., far as I know.

    I may be bugging you with some questions via email soon.

  • Bob S

    Hey Lissa,

    I know there are many programs where you have to enroll in and complete a Master’s program first and then go into a PhD program. There are other programs where you enter as a PhD student but earn your Master’s along the way. Some people will drop out of their PhD program after getting their Master’s if they hate it, want to work in industry for awhile, or switch schools.

    In most cases its easier to get funds if you enter as a PhD candidate. You could drop after your Master’s, but don’t expect much love if you leave on bad terms.