• Guy

    My God, this is great. I’ve been loathing that little box constantly re-emerging when I’m in the middle of downloading something. Thank you for linking to this.

    On another note, on the same day (but prior) to reading this article I was also searching for a way to let XP automatically log me in after restart. I finally found it, but like this you had to run some bizarre configuration tool to accomplish a task you could do with a simple check in Windows 2k. I thought XP was supposed to be easier to use…

  • Lissa

    Yes, but both of these–the hack I found and the auto-login–are both security risks. I rather agree with Microsoft for hiding them. People are very quick to complain that Windows isn’t secure enough, then don’t like it when it’s difficult to make it more insecure. *shrug*

  • Guy

    True, but Windows XP has a built in firewall. You can make these features easy to access, just have windows pop up that warn the users of the implications of what they are doing. Wait, normal users don’t read warnings… Perhaps you are right.