On Life and Love

A “drinking” game

This really shouldn’t involve any alcohol. I prefer cranberry juice, although pink lemonade would work great, too.

Line up several episodes of Star Trek: DS9. Ten or so. Get together a lot of one of the above juices and several friends.

Take sips when:
  • There’s an “ethnic moment”: like when Ensign Muñiz dies in “The Ship” and is all like, “Si, jefe. Si, papi!” Or when Worf says things like, “Honor! Honor… Klingon…Honor!” Sip for the duration of the “moment”. Small sips are best. Very small sips.
  • Someone indignantly says, “Quark!” This does not include Bashir. (For reasons you’ll see later.) This does include the Grand Nagus (bwua-ha-ha).
  • Someone is specist. This involves sneers of “Ferengi!” or any scene involving O’Brien.
  • Sisko slows down the end of a sentence. “I do love a game… of… baseball…”
  • Odo totally spazzes out.
Finish the glass when:
  • Bashir yells, “Quark!!” in that wonderfullly indignant and British manner.


  • Stobor

    The timing on this could not get any better- i have just started watching DS9 again (first time since new ones were still coming out).
    I’ve gotta say I’m not into it so much as I was back then, but maybe there have been better space operas that I have gotten used to in between – The Stargates, Farscape, Enterpise, etc.
    The few episodes Ive watched seem to really drag on with all sorts of preachy politics and the aforementioned ethnic moments. Its not that the idea isn’t good or interesting to explore, but do we really need to be beaten over the heads with specism in every episode?

    Nice job on the quotes, as well. people are looking at me strange at work after my lol.

  • Imani

    DS9 was so awesome. They really didn’t subscribe to that subtlety thing. You should watch some Babylon 5.

  • Lissa

    I have to agree with Stobor, Imani–DS9 is pretty crummy in many ways, and I’m all the way in to Season 5. It’s one of the best Star Trek series (never saw Enterprise, though), but it still suffers from the chronic preachiness and specism. They break their own ideologies of peace and love for all with that shit.

    I do agree that much better things have come out since DS9, like Stargate and Farscape and, hell, even Doctor Who.

    I should watch Babylon 5. I liked what little I saw when it was airing and I keep hearing good things about it.

  • Imani

    Okay, so mostly I liked DS9 because Sisko was a freakin’ badass. But I don’t think you give it enough credit. The overarching plots were pretty good and the characters were much more believable than in TNG. I just wish they’d left Kira’s never-ending relationship troubles out of it. But did you ever see the episode where Sisko punched Q? That was awesome. And much of DS9 was about finding out that the human race hadn’t really evolved like they kept preaching in TNG and sometimes there weren’t black & white situations. They also did a lot to develop the different races, such as the ferengi. They actually became interesting and believable.

    As for B5:
    So B5 and DS9 were coming out at the same time, they were both about space stations, and the main antagonist is a vastly superior enemy. In fact, I believe there are whole websites devoted to the similarities between the shows. But in the end, B5 was way better. 1) Some decent battle scenes and tactics 2) Way, way better acting 3)A more complicated plot with better developed factions 4)Bittersweet love story for the win & 5)Characters that grew and changed and lived and died all in a carefully planned out beginning to end fashion that resembled a novel more than an american television franchise.