On Life and Love

Moving out

So it looks like when I leave Nashville (TN) today, I will have completely moved out from my parents’ living space. What I don’t take back is getting given away or thrown out.

I just feel sorry for WO, though, because my stuff may dominate the apartment for a while…


  • Dulin

    That situation kinda sucks. How does it feel to be completly out of your parents house. I think that would be a little strange or sad.

  • Lissa

    Mom was really pretty sad. I was just very, very tired of driving 400+ miles every weekend to get to different states.

    But it is kind of weird. It’s like, if I go back, I really will just be a visitor. Of course, I haven’t had a set up bedroom for two years–most of my stuff has been boxed since they left North Carolina. *shrug*