On Life and Love

On U-Hauls and driving

I had enough boxes and containers to form a single layer on the bottom of a 10 foot U-Haul truck. The furniture I took home (nightstands, a would-be coffee table, and a bookshelf) laid on top. Too much stuff. I need to throw away a lot more.

Driving the U-Haul was amazing. I almost sideswiped two cars before I learned about the little mirrors that let me see right next to the truck. But the truck handled like a dream and had some umph. If that’s evidence of how GMC makes trucks, I’m impressed. The 12-ish miles per gallon was for the birds, though. Luckily, it only took one tank of gas, because just getting the truck was expensive enough.

After driving well over three thousand miles in the last two weeks, I have no idea how truck drivers manage their work. If I ever signed up for a driving job, my spine–the entire damned spine, maybe even a few of my ribs, and mos def my damn knee–would just leave my body, crawl into my bed, and would refuse to get up.

Hell, that’s what I should have done this morning instead of going to work.