Gurgle, gurgle

I bought a swimsuit today! I hope to relearn how to swim and to begin doing so regularly. It’d be nice to have an activity that doesn’t beat up my body quite so much.

You know, I could never open my eyes under water without goggles on. It just burned too much. And I don’t like having stuff in my eye, even if it’s water.


  • Lisa Valentine

    hi lissa….

    i was just looking over former students pages and i finally found yours!!!! i am happy that you bought a bathing suit…. did you know that i am coaching swimming at harding???? isn’t that a scream… i wish i knew that you HAD come to charlotte…it would be nice, albeit not under the circumstances, to see you again….

    you can drop me a line when you can…. or you can call me 704.779.xxxx… if $$ is tight email me your phone number and i will call you….

    i sure do miss you guys!!!



    thank God Curtis Carroll is finally out of harding.. maybe we have a chance to bring it back to where it was when you were there!!!

  • Dulin

    Melissa, who used to hate people to see here *feet* now owns a bathing suit. How times have changed.

  • Lissa

    Hey, I’ve been agonizing over the decision for days, and I tried to buy one that would conceal my fat and stuff. Ugh.

    But you know, if I can get over my embarrassment about jiggly fat to run outside, then I should be able to do it to swim, too.

  • Guy

    “And I don’t like having stuff in my eye”

    My ex said the same thing. She didn’t swim though.

  • Guy

    Nah, she got used to that. Sadly we were just crazy in different ways. She was the manic depressive type and I’m just the plain balls out insane type. Eh, such is life.