On Life and Love

Just one of them days

  1. I got a physical today, and got some surprising (but not more than vaguely scary or bad) news.
  2. My car’s “Check Engine” light turned on… and is staying on.
  3. Car problems are sadly expensive, and this one (whatever it is) will also require me to be at the shop at 08:00, and possibly to miss class and more work.
  4. I got weighed today. Frown.
  5. WO and I are both short on sleep, so we’re tired, emotional, and grumpy.
  6. Did I mention that car problems are expensive?
  7. I didn’t meditate today.
  8. I didn’t eat well today.
  9. I didn’t get any exercise today.
  10. I’m sore as hell from yesterday’s weight-lifting–my first since the middle of summer.
  11. Things with the newspaper are a bit stressful right now, what with the results of the Colts borrowing the office and the usual beginning of the year rush.

On the flipside, I do get fish and cornbread tonight for dinner, so I’m excited. And my car still works (and actually isn’t making any scary sounds or indicating something’s about to die), so I’m not stuck trying to bike across town or get it towed. Academics are looking like a lot of fun, and a few things in my personal life are getting better or have the potential to pep up. I’m also playing in an RPG game this year, and although it promises long hours, it also promises lots of fun.