• stobor

    Its always weird to hear Mr. Judge talk in interviews and such. “Wait, he doesn’t actually sound anything like teal’c? Damn, he good.”
    Also, if you get to meet him, say ‘indeed’ like 14 times for me. see if you can’t get punched. or at least get an eye-roll 🙂

  • Lissa

    Stobor: Wait, he doesn’t sound like teal’c?! I’ve never heard him talk anywhere else. Oh, no! Now I have to look up an interview.

    I’m also not sure I want to get punched by Judge. He seems big and strong. 😛

  • Lissa

    I just listened to an interview. I’m reminded of Michael Weiss from The Pretender. Early in the show, you can’t tell that the actor sounds like a smoker (which he does more in Planescape – Torment) at all. I was really impressed at how he softens his voice. (And at how he cleans up–he looked kind of like a hobo in the making of stuff on the DVDs.)

    Same for Judge–I don’t think I could hold a deeper voice for the hours required to do a show. Damned impressive.