On Life and Love

5000 words since waking

Oy. If I can keep this up for eight more days, I’ll win NaNoWriMo in time for classes to resume. Lessons learned today:

  • Having two female protagonists in a lot of scenes together results in a problem: you can’t use pronouns as freely as you would otherwise. “She watched her…” just doesn’t work very well. Growl.
  • It’s hard to know when to leave out a scene and how to properly make sure the important information gets known to the reader later. There’s a tendency to want to write out every little scene for word count purposes, but that just slows the plot down to a crawl.
  • Microsoft Word’s Autosummarize feature will fuck up a conversation-heavy story. The result is hilarious. I’ve included a 500-word “summary” of my story below the fold. Emote! Emote! I suspect this is the result of a serious imbalance in my sentence structure. Too many conversations are in the format of <so-and-so emotes> <so-and-so says> “<quote>”.

Now I get to read, sleep, and start with another 5000 words in the morning. If I can get up before noon.

Summary of NaNoWriMo novella

“Nilara Blackman?”

Please call me Keena.” After a moment, Nilara turned to Myakka. Nilara sighed softly. Nilara and Myakka shared a look and a smile. Nilara pursed her lips. Nilara cocked her head in a nod. Nilara nodded again, unsurprised. Nilara didn’t smile back.

Nilara said nothing.

Nilara smiled a bit. Nilara’s smile turned mocking. Nilara rolled her eyes. Without turning around, Nilara responded, “No. Nilara’s meeting with Captain Lefa was in fifteen minutes. Nilara kept Myakka in their quarters except for meals. Finally, Nilara had had enough. Nilara’s eye still ticced. Nilara pursed her lips. “Please, call me Keena. Nilara brushed the hand from her knee. Nilara was unworried. Keena.” Keena turned around. Nilara actually chuckled. “We do indeed, Nilara.” “What is it, Nilara?” Keena asked. Nilara nodded. Mildly, Nilara looked at Talib. Nilara cocked her head. Nilara continued. “Not the intelligence team, Nilara. Nilara sighed quietly. “On Nilara,” she murmured. “Wow, Keena. Keena grinned, too. Nilara lifted an eyebrow. Nilara leaned forward. Nilara’s glance swept the room again, stopping briefly on Keena. Nilara leaned forward again. Nilara nodded. Marc opened his mouth, and Nilara hurried on. “Youku. Nilara looked thoughtfully at Youku. Keena nodded in agreement. Nilara ventured. Nilara asked.

Nilara nodded, but Keena interrupted. Nilara turned her gaze to Tine.

Nilara didn’t seem bothered. Keena smiled. Nilara snorted. Nilara suddenly sobbed. Nilara shrugged slightly. A hand reached toward Nilara’s face, but fell. Nilara laughed breathily. Where’s Myakka’s father?”

“Yes,” Nilara said firmly.

Nilara withdrew into memory. Nilara paused for a deep breath. Nilara asked softly. Nilara was silent for a moment. Nilara started, then sighed. Keena was nodding almost before Nilara had started talking. Nilara nodded and stood. “Nilara,” it read. –Keena”

Nilara looked down at Myakka and squinted her eyes. Myakka nodded. Nilara pursed her lips. Nilara huffed, exasperated. Nilara took a long, slow breath. Nilara raised an eyebrow. Nilara shook her head. Nilara shrugged, turned, and left Lefa’s office. Absolute bullshit, in Nilara’s mind. Nilara shrugged. “I care, Keena. “Nilara–”

Keena grinned. Nilara was staying on the ship. Keena grinned, and reached a hand towards Nilara’s. Nilara growled and blushed. Keena seemed unconcerned. “Sit, Nilara. Nilara sipped. Keena asked.

Keena grinned. Nilara grunted.

Keena smiled. Nilara closed her eyes, listening to Keena’s voice.

Nilara nodded, eyes still closed. Keena lay down completely, face near Nilara’s ear. Nilara scoffed, and Keena continued, “No, really. Nilara, if you bust this one–”

“Your team’s good, Keena.”

Nilara smiled back.

Nilara nodded. Nilara’s mouth tightened. Nilara nodded. Nilara closed her eyes. “I’m sorry, Nilara.” Nilara shook her head.

Nilara frowned. Nilara turned her head to face Keena, their noses almost touching. Keena moved back. Nilara rolled her eyes, and Keena stomped in frustration. Nilara looked seriously at Keena for a moment. Nilara nodded. Good night, Keena. Nilara and Keena nodded.

Nilara blinked, then thought for a moment. Keena cringed. Nilara nodded. Nilara smiled. Keena piped up. Nilara pursed her lips. Keena asked.