On Life and Love

Oh, dear.

I just realized that I totally screwed myself over when my characters start interacting with my aliens in my story. I’ve made the aliens so different that writing dialogue is going to slow down my story progress to a crawl. Oi. (I just couldn’t resist the idea of aliens with a real sense of time, far beyond humans’ usual linear sense of it. Too bad that fucks up sentence tenses royally.)

4000 more words to go for this evening!


  • Jed

    woo aliens
    I shall have to read this story when you are done. if that is ok at least

  • Lissa

    Sure! I’m actually thinking of giving it a good edit, then posting it online. It’ll mos def need some editing, though. It’s a hole-y and unpolished story.

    If I can do the aliens well, though, I’ll be less worried about the rest of it. 😛