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    Bandwidth restriction!

    Dude, I’m totally on bandwidth restriction! 56 Kb/s for a week. Awesome! What’s interesting is that they pulled out shit from my freshman year (like my downloads of Linux) as evidence that I’ve busted bandwidth limits repeatedly. It was definitely an automated email, but I’ve been told that Linux downloads would be considered excused. *shrug* Pretty much sure I don’t care, but this is my first time getting put on restriction.

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    Enemy combatants, xkcd, and male bathroom etiquette

    “Congress’ shameful retreat from American values” (from Prometheus 6) is a rather shamefully emotionally manipulative piece, but was the first I’d heard about the “[tag]enemy combatant[/tag]” proposal being passed by the Senate. This makes me sad. This kind of shit is why I’m voting in a midterm election year. [tag]Xkcd[/tag]’s “Cryptography is just too cute. I just had to go listen to [tag]Missy Elliot[/tag]’s “Work It” afterwards. “Male Restroom Etiquette” is one of the coolest uses of The Sims 2 I’ve seen (from Tiffany Brown)

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    Chomp, chomp

    There is a biting bug in my apartment. It only bites feet. Growl. I was up at 04:00 thanks to the marvelous burning/itching sensation of three new bites on my feet. I already had seven across both feet before I went to bed. I got a few more between 04:00 and 07:30. So I’m on campus, wearing loosened Tevas due to painfully swollen feet. I vaccuumed the apartment, but if it doesn’t stop, I’m not sure what to do.

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    Back when I was 13…

    …I used to study for exams during storms hoping that the power would go out so that school would be delayed or canceled and I wouldn’t have to take the exam. It’s not that I did poorly on exams, I just wanted to be rid of the stress. Well, it’s storming now. I figure that if the power goes out in fifteen minutes, it only needs to be off until 09:30 for my test to be canceled…

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    Women get hot as quickly as men

    Read Little Professor’s take on “Thermal imaging shatters arousal gender gap myth“. From her post: *dictating to tape recorder* “Baseline for most respondents, except for this one weirdo who jerked off while watching Mr. Bean get his head stuck in a turkey.” That, um, that oughta be sufficient to prove her post is entertaining.