Diagnosis: Depression

Yes, I’ve been so rude as to not respond to email. No, I haven’t been posting here. Yes, I can barely get out of bed in the mornings.

There’s not really much more to say than that.

I’m alive, but tired, frustrated, and very likely to take a mallet to the face of anyone who crosses me, most especially my dear WO. (After all, he’s often within arm’s reach.)

Oh, and I put out two kitchen fires last night.

…Within five minutes of each other.

In good news, my phone interview with Teach for America went well, I think.

I want more private time than I can get, hence the lack of writing here or reading of other blogs (except one). Trust me, there’s equal seclusion and hermitude going on in the Lissa-love shack. Me and my paper journal are making good time, though.

And you know what? I don’t even feel like trying to put on a face right now. I’ll try to respond to emails, but otherwise, I’ll be back when I’m back.

6 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Depression”

  1. I may have to drag you out to do something sometime, kicking and screaming if need be. that always helped me at least.

  2. We put out two kitchen fires last night.

    Please don’t take a mallet to my face…

  3. Sorry to hear about your state. I can’t help but wonder who’s blog you are following though.

  4. Privacy and hermitage are nice for a bit of self-indulgence, but don’t forget about your friends and family. Sometimes it’s good to get out, take a walk with a cherished friend, and just talk. You’ll both feel better in the long run.

    And you can push him/her in the lake.

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