Gettin’ my twist on

Here’s another one for you folks, complete with pictures and links. It’s longer, like 20-something minutes, so I won’t be offended if people skim. I just talk to hear myself talk, I think.


Subject matter:

  1. Hair: teeny-weeny-afros, twists, and locs
  2. “Ugh! You and your feminism!”
  3. Research: misogyny in One Hundred Years of Solitude
  4. Knitting!
  5. Afrika Step!
  6. Role-playing: Victoriana, Palladium, and D & D

Relevant links:

  • The song played is “Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka” from Devdas, which was featured in the 8/20/2006 episode of Bollywood’s Best. I think it’s a beautiful song.
  • Nappturality – A nice forum for information on going natural (or “napptural”). It’s been a healthy source of info for me, once I filter out some of the fluff.
  • The amazing Dre twisted up my hair for me tonight.

9 thoughts on “Gettin’ my twist on”

  1. *dances around* I’m amazing! UH UH UH! I’m amazing! Get it! Get it! Get it!


    Ok. I’m done. 😀

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  3. These are so much better than regular blog posts. Your hair plans sound cool. Freshmen are always stupid, they’ll get smarter. Knitting. OK. So stepping like the movies I have never seen? Is that baseball bat metal or wood? Wow, now I know what Greg sounds like, see how awesome these are. Concurrent commenting.

  4. Dulin: Stepping like the movies you’ve never seen, yeah. Like this (after the lengthy intro).

    The baseball bat is wood. I want that satisfying “thunk” when I land a blow.

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