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  • Outlook 2003 – Thunderbird Smack Down
    A nice comparison. Tagged as: [software thunderbird outlook]
  • ddr
    I’m looking to get a little DDR set up in my apartment for exercise/dancing fun, and this is a pretty cool guide to getting me started. Tagged as: [dancing exercise]
  • Home on the Fringe: It’s not about the drinking, Meredith.
    She’s got a point here. The idea that (mid-class?) mothers spend their entire existence centered around their kids makes me shudder a little. And want to tie my tubes. Tagged as: [children family]
  • slight paranoia: A clearer picture of how to fly with no ID
    This dude is crazy cool. He’s a security grad student at IU, I think, and has been "probing" the TSA, particularly after he was detained for a short while following his posting of a boarding pass generator on the BlagNet. Tagged as: [flight-security]
  • angry fat girlz: Harvard Confirms Binges Exist
    Shit, like I needed a study to tell me what I suffer from. I’m sure alcoholics have benefited from the treatment of alcoholism as a disease rather than merely a lack of self-control, though, so I appreciate the study for that. It doesn’t let me off the Tagged as: [health bingeing weight-issues]