On Life and Love

Bad weather? Eh.

So the response on how to handle crappy weather was essentially, “Make sure you plan for bad weather in making it to your destination.”

They also said that if DePauw was closed, they’d call/email me sometime after 08:00 to tell me the interview was canceled.

…It’s a 40 mile drive in (potentially) snow and ice. I won’t be reachable by 08:00; in fact, I will probably have been on the road for an hour already.

Frustrated sigh. We’ll see, I suppose.


  • Michael

    If they don’t know til 8, couldn’t you con them into interviewing you regardless? I mean I don’t want you to have to drive in a blizzard, but if you’ve already resigned to it…

    Also, they seem to be being awfully mfn snooty when America is the one in need of teachers. I mean, does anyone who reads this think LIss would have trouble finding a kickin job?! (If so, please post your unrealistic definition of kickin.)

    I have been tryingto think of some kind of sharp nickname to call you since you’ll be a teacher, but nothing comes to mind…blast.

  • Lissa

    Michael: *laugh* Thank you for helping me laugh about this, my dear. I’m about to start beating people up.

    Unfortunately, if the campus is closed, none of the Teach people will be there. And if the campus is open and I don’t go, they probably won’t reschedule my interview. T_T

    I did respond to the Teach person’s email, despite the fact that they likely won’t see it until the morning. I’ll have said my piece on that, at least. Maybe someone will come in early and update me on things.