On Life and Love

Yodeling at the dinner table

Explaining that reference is worthy of a whole ‘nother podcast, and one that really should have been during Chrimmus break. Unfortunately, it would involve making fun of a very prominent computer scientist that I had the honor of meeting, so it seems inappropriate.

Coincidentally, as inappropriate as yodeling at the dinner table.

This podcast is a rant. I sat at my computer tonight and debated whether to write this or podcast it, and found myself asking one question: which will better convey my exhaustion and frustration? Voice. So here it is. It’s crabby and inappropriate, but here it is. Me yodeling.

Sites referenced:

  1. DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. There doesn’t seem to be much else in the town, but I didn’t get to look around much.
  2. “All I Need Is a Rhyme Zook”, by thelaw
  3. Teach for America – of course


  • Mae

    I don’t think that making fun of our “interesting” computer scientist friend would be inappropriate. After all, I pretty much called him a prick within earshot :-).

  • Lissa

    Luke: You know, I never was quite sure what “freezing rain” meant. I guess I assumed it was the same as sleet, which is actually wet.

    Mae: You’re right. We ladies were hella vicious that night. *mutter* Fucker asking me to yodel. Honestly.