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News(?) from Georgia Tech

After not hearing a damn thing from the Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. Program for months, I emailed them to ask if there was some problem. All my documents show as being in, all letters of recommendation done months ago, etc.

The response?

“A first round of offers was made, and all other applicants were placed on a waiting list. Unfortunately, it appears that the class will fill up and no offers will be made to applicants on the waiting list.”

So presumably, I’m on that waiting list. Which is really a rejection list, since no offers are being made to them. Regardless, I’m questioning further, just in case I was offered a position, but things got lost in the mail.

Which is unlikely.

Which means I was rejected.

Woo-hoo, rejection.

I’ve picked up too many bad habits from my recent social circles.


  • Lissa

    Further news: No, those put on the waiting list were not notified.

    I just don’t get it. At the very least, that’s just rude.

  • Bob S.

    Hey Lissa, Really sorry to hear about that. Gotta love the too important to keep you informed attitude… I’ll fist all my acquaintances from GT for ya.

    -Bob S.

  • Lissa

    Thanks, Bob! No fisting, though, sir. I’m sure a few people (albeit important ones) just a bit of an etiquette gaff.

    I’m… honored by the offer, though. 🙂