Finally, an update!

Another random podcast!

The music featured is “The Marriage of Figaro” by Mozart (the aria from Act 1, Scene 6)


  • Graduation
  • The move
  • Gregory
  • New apartment
  • Job hunt
  • City bus: ghost ridin’ the whip
  • Hobbies: knitting, crocheting, guitar
  • AT&T / Cingular: ugh

3 thoughts on “Finally, an update!”

  1. Yay big desk! BTW where’d that go?

    Honked at on the road…wow. I’m used to people absolutely ignoring people walking.

  2. WO is using the desk now. We’ll see what happens when he moves. 🙂

    I’m used to being ignored on the road, too, or maybe stared at a bit by passing drivers. This fools don’t know how to act. Ugh.

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