On Life and Love

Not an overnight celebrity

Another podcast for folks. Topics:

  • Getting Things Done
  • Loss of Palm data
  • New employee orientation!
  • Who’s my life insurance beneficiary? Eek.
  • Bisexuality: why do people think this equates to unfaithfulness?
  • Financial software? Help me!
  • Does lightening strike twice?

I need sleep. Night!


  • Jim

    Yo, you want this here Apocalyptica? Email me and I’ll send you the link.

    Nice layout btw.

  • Luke

    I’d suggest making sure part of your life insurance went to who ever would be in charge of taking care of your remains and your remaining “stuff.” It’s expensive to have a funeral, so I’d consider making sure who ever will have to pay for that gets part of it to cover those expenses (even w/o a funeral its still expensive to take care of the remains).

    I use Microsoft Money…my budgetting skills suck, but it keeps up with my accounts.

    Pookie I still love you. 😀

    According to this lightning does strike twice.

  • Lissa

    Ah! Thanks for the funeral tip, Luke. I hadn’t really thought about that. That definitely keeps the parentals in the list, then, I suppose.

    Microsoft Money costs money, though. I think I’d want the Deluxe version ($30), at least. And if I had money for things like software, I wouldn’t be in such financial turmoil right now. 🙂 Then again, maybe I should consider it an “investment” of sorts to help me set things to rights. I dunno. I’m thinking about it.

    I still love you, too, Luke. BTW, how’re the kids? 😛