Java? Anyone ’round here do Java?

And because WO had me rolling twice today, you get twice the number of posts relating conversations between me and him than you’d ordinarily have.

Wait. Zero times two is… Oh, snap.

Teaching math is going to be hard.

Anyway, this is some foul-mouthed stuff, folks. Send the kids to bed. Hopefully listboxes are kinder in the newer versions of Java…

me: Java GUIs make me want to kick something.
Gregory: Yes.
But Netbeans makes it pretty damn easy.
me: I can’t even figure out to put tabs in a tabbed pane!
Gregory: /me chuckles.
me: It’s a tabbed pane!
Gregory: But you’d be really hosed if you had to do it from scratch.
me: There should be a button that says, “Add a tab”
Gregory: Try making a listbox sometime.
me: lol.
I recall doing so.
And being upset about it.
Gregory: Nobody has ever figured out how to put something into one.
They just stumble across it by accident, every time.
You can’t, like, give it a Collection.
Oh, no.
me: Brokzored.
Gregory: That would be too easy.
It has this proprietary class format that can’t be constructed.
It must be requisitioned from a marshal after following the correct procedure.
me: lol
Gregory: You need to serialize the listbox and send it up to Sun’s servers, and when it comes back (asynchronously) it has magically been populated.
With profanity.
You need to do a regex search for the profanity and replace it with the data you want.
And they continuously update the profanity, so you need to guess a swearing algorithm.
When I was doing it, the terms were “fucknut,” “spoogewhistle,” and “Nebuchadnezzar.”
me: Frown!
I’m going to post your rant on my site.
Gregory: According to Wikipedia, they’re currently using “assbum,” “cockacunt,” and “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfucksunshine.”
Oh, no. Now the world will know.
me: lol
You add a panel to add a tab.
Gregory: /me laughs.
Fuck you, Sun.
In your sunny ass.


  • Dr. 7

    Thanks to this post, I have given up all my other ambitions in life in order to form a new band. It’s called “The Chattanooga Spoogewhistle Experience (Featuring the Dixieland Cockacunts).” With any luck, the video for our first single, “Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfucksunshine (The Carpetbagger’s Lament)” will be available on YouTube shortly.