“Pretty Strong”

So I promised a Runner’s World article on beauty. Here it is. I particularly love the following paragraph:

My PRs will never garner attention or generate awards. But when I run, I am 100 percent me–my strengths and weaknesses play out like a cracked-open diary, my emotions often as raw as the chafing from my jog bra. In my ultimate moments of vulnerability, I am twice the woman I was when I thought I was meant to look pretty on the sidelines. Sweaty and smiling, breathless and beautiful: Running helps us all shine. A lesson worth passing along.

Yum, running. I’ve been experimenting a bit with running on the (unpaved) trails at the local large park. I love it. It’s hard, and I’ll probably twist or break an ankle before I toughen up and get better at balancing and landing, but there’s something especially exhilarating about racing (no matter my turtle’s pace) through forests, jumping over roots and barely avoiding sliding on the downs and feeling lungs about to explode on the ups.


  • Luke

    I’ve taken to rollerblading. Keeps my knees from hurting so much when running…and I can move fast enough to enjoy the breeze because there’s no way I’ll ever run fast enough to enjoy a breeze.

  • Lissa

    Luke: Ooh, rollerblading. I miss rollerblading — it was a family event for us back when I was a kid. I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it where I live, and while rollerblading on unpaved trails brings to mind amazing imagery, I suspect it wouldn’t go well for me. 🙂

    I don’t have knee problems (surprisingly), but you know I break easily, so I do try to mix things up.