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Tay Zonday

Watch this. And listen to his voice. And listen to his lyrics.

A beautiful song. I think it takes him about 10 seconds to get into a pitch/rhythm I like, but those lyrics make it up for all.

Make a mess when you’re depressed
Wake without a drop of rest
Ace a test and wipe your brow
Pay your credit card somehow

His youtube page is here, and I got a big kick out of “Internet Dream“. In fact, hell, here it is, too:

Ah… Reminds me of Rose. And WO. And Ryan. And Luke. (And all of our mothers!) Damn. Clickity-click.

Some of his other pieces, alas… Not so easy on the ears. That kind of voice is hard to fit into all songs, although I admire his experimentation (and the bravery to put those on the netnet). His lyrics are pretty consistently hot, though.

Others songs of his displaying some amazing talent:

  • Chocolate Rain“: his most famous so far, and I love the lines about [tag]The Bell Curve[/tag]. Sing it, brah!
  • Demons on the Dance Floor“: this song reminds me of a certain friend of mine… Yes, Mama Dre, you know who you are. (The remix is pretty hot, too.)
  • Canon in Z“: Yes, it’s [tag]Pachelbel[/tag]’s, but he tears that mutha up. And provides the sheet music. (Oh, no lyrics.)

For the musicky types, a question: how would you classify his voice? Baritone? Bass?

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  • Andrew

    Hey Lisa: This is Andrew from blog.dynamicfitness.us.

    Great stuff here! Thanks for posting it and being a champion of talent.

    And thanks for the comment/blogroll entriy on my website…I’ll be checking back for more of your insights too! Have a great weekend–Andrew