Daily tasteeness (2008-02-21)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun » The Soul of The Sims
“Well, yeah, it’s some lines of code. But it’s also a precious hint as to how [Will] Wright, a man who’s had a firm hand on PC gaming’s till for decades now, views his own games.”

Scratch Beginnings: An Interview with Adam Shepard ∞ Get Rich Slowly
“[Nickel and Dimed] is a book that I wanted to like […]. Ehrenreich enters her experiment with the end in mind — failure — and she seems to do everything she can to make this end come to fruition.”

Snip, snip

My cats got fixed today. Jackie got her full ovariohysterectomy and Greg had his testicles removed.

Now the poor things have silly lamp shades on their heads.

Jackie — my neurotic cat — is, well, neurotic. She’s lying in the litter box like a bed. I assume it feels cool and a bit soothing, like lying in sand. I’m keeping it meticulously clean, but I can’t keep her out of there — they need easy access to it. She’s very upset by the Elizabethan collar (lamp shade), as she typically grooms rather heavily after the stress of a vet visit. I suppose tomorrow I’ll have to be kind and comb her out.

Greg is handling things with a good deal more dignity. He bumps into things with his lamp shade, but seems to be making the best of it with his typical goofy cheer. I don’t know what will happen when he needs to go to the bathroom and Jackie is entrenched in the litter box.

This is going to be a long, long night.

They suck the blood! (Ah, ah, ah!)

Finally, after 7 months of living in Charlotte, I got myself hooked up with the local Red Cross for blood donation. I made an appointment and went in yesterday to give my unit of whole blood. I attempted almost every blood drive in college, although low iron kept me from donating at times.

The facilities here in Charlotte are rather amazing. Even accounting for the fact that folks in Indiana were operating as a mobile force, the Charlotte facilities are quite a step up. I was able to make an appointment online in about 5 minutes. I had no wait at all at the office once I arrived. The information booklet was awesomely informative — instead of just reading, “Make sure you aren’t taking these drugs,” it included information on what exactly in those drugs makes for bad blood donation.

In addition, they’ve got nice technology for measuring hemocrit levels now — no more blue fluid and centrifuging. Now a little red machine churns for a minute and spits out a number to about 4 or 5 decimal places. All those “Have you had sex for drugs or money?” questions are computerized.

The staff was wonderfully cool, quick, and competent, handling my tendency for post-donation wooziness with a preemptive Sprite while the blood was still being drawn.

Needless to say, I’ll be back in April when I’m eligible again. (I even ordered a donor card! Aren’t I a dork?)

Daily tasteeness (2008-02-07)

17 Unbeatable Ways to Create a Peaceful, Relaxed Workday
I’m really trying to practice single-tasking. It’s hard, because I like to be busy (weird, yes?), but I really do work much less efficiently and with higher stress levels when I multitask.

Trigger List – 43FoldersWiki
A trigger list for weekly reviews. Good lord, that’s long. 🙂

How to do a Weekly Review in Under an Hour | Zen Habits
The title says it all — I myself slacked on doing weekly reviews because of how long they took. Well, that and poor planning; it’s really something to be done on a Friday morning or Sunday night, rather than a Friday afternoon.

Weekly Review: Key to GTD and achieving goals | Zen Habits
“David Allen says that if you are not doing your weekly review, you are not doing GTD. I agree completely, and I’d like to add to that: if you are not reviewing your goals weekly, you are not focused on achieving your goals.”

Daily tasteeness (2008-02-06)

ZTD Habit 1: Collect | Zen Habits
I like his reasoning for going analog in capturing input. In the last week, I’ve misplaced two styluses for my PDA, rendering it unhelpful in capturing data. A stack of index cards would take up about the same amount of space and be less frustrating.

Kids’ how-to-cheat videos – Boing Boing
Wow — I never put this much energy into cheating, even when I did cheat back in early high school. I always just cheated out of laziness — I didn’t feel like doing the homework, so I’d copy the work. The discussion after the article is fun, too.

The Pros and Cons of Working at Home
I wouldn’t mind having a job where I worked from home. I’ve found that if I structure my social life well enough, I can work at home, alone for decently long periods. Plus, I get to be nekkid, exercise mid-morning, and play loud music.

Drowning in debt, he needs a life raft – Los Angeles Times
This dismays me to no end. He needs his expensive-ass truck to drive his time-shared boat. He spends $300 a month on eating out. Just… wow. How can he smile in that photo? How can he sleep at night?

Zen To Done (ZTD): The Ultimate Simple Productivity System | Zen Habits
This is a tastee set of modifications to Getting Things Done that offers more (or less) structure. It fits a different personality type, or people with a different goal in life. I’m not sure yet, but I like some of the modifications.

Lazy Productivity: 10 Simple Ways to Do Only Three Things Today | LifeRemix Blog
One nice idea here is picking the three things that must get done the night before — it allows it to percolate in your brain overnight so you wake up with a sense of purpose.

Half of Me: I support your right to look good
“I’d like to go on the record right now and say I fully support vanity as a reason to lose weight. No, it’s not the best reason to take off the pounds, but it gets a bad rep. Doesn’t everyone like to feel pretty? What’s so wrong with that?”

Neuroscience: One Pill Makes You Autistic — And One Pill Changes You Back
This rather creeps me the hell out. Reading articles about people casually flicking on and off parts of their brain via drugs makes me think of movies like Bladrunner and other cyberpunk-ish stories and setting. *shudder*