On Life and Love

One credit card down!

With the payday last Friday, I sent in the final $500 to one of my high-interest credit cards. One more credit card left, then I’m down to student loans and money I owe my parents.

Such a nice feeling…

I haven’t decided whether I’ll cancel the credit card yet. There are good reasons both ways. I’m not overly worried about my credit rating in the short term, so I’d feel fine canceling it. I’m not tempted to use it, either, though, so it’s not like I need to cancel it to avoid the temptation. I’m more worried about service charges or annual fees.

I should be able to knock out the other credit card no later than by the end of December. Percentage-wise, that’s only a few percentage points off the total amount of debt I have, but it is the scary debt that keeps me awake at night.