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A touch of blackness and a slathering of iPhone

I think that I shall be more of a bitch when people question my ethnicity.

That is all.

I finally got myself an iPhone (or “iWone”, as I call it) last weekend, and I’m generally impressed. It’s worth the $100 and increase in monthly bills (esp. with the corporate discount I have), since I can afford to swing it. It’s definitely a luxury item, of course, but mos def a convenient one.

One disappointment: no read-aloud of driving directions on the 3G.

I don’t have a lot of apps at the moment, and I’ve only purchased one: PopCap’s Bookworm — which has proven to me how unsharp I’ve let myself get. I’ve got an NPR app, a Wikipedia app, Palmringo, and a Kindle app (not a fan!)… that’s about it.

Second disappointment: battery life. I pretty much have to charge it everyday, especially with heavy interwub usage, even using wifi.

I search for apps when I think of them, but I always look for free stuff first, of course. But what if I’m not creative enough to think of all the cool ways that I could be using my iWone?



  • jed

    looking like I come from some part of northern Europe the only questions I get are about my accent if I am tired, so I am completely unfamiliar with being questioned about ethnicity. I was wondering if you got questioned enough that it is annoying or if you just are annoyed be irrelevant questions?

  • Lissa

    Oh, it’s gone on since middle school since I don’t fit the black stereotype. “Are you all black?” “Surely one of your parents is white.” “You don’t seem very ethnic.”

    I expect that sort of thing in rural Texas (where I went to middle school) or in Indiana, but here in Charlotte? Nah. It perpetuates stereotypes about black folks and suggests that I’m either less or more than other black folks (depending on the questioner).

  • Andrew

    I can’t add anything meaningful to the discussion on the magnitude of a person’s ‘blackness’ (esp. being a spot-on generic white male), aside from that I think I the mentality that motivates a person to even ask such a question poisons a person’s method of inquiry across the board. I’m not sure why people aren’t ashamed to make such dumb comments; I know it burns me when I say stupid things.

    But I can ask you the question that I am sure is on everyone’s mind: iWone? A very cursory Googling shows you to be the leading authority on the iWone/iPhone nomenclature. Is there anything more you can add to this subject?

  • Lissa

    iWone! The phone’s adorable, so it deserves an adorable name. =-)

    My first thought was that it might be how some snaggletoothed kid might say it, but Greg’s convinced that that probably isn’t the way it would play out.

    Spread the name! iWones for everybody!