When ignorance isn’t allowed to win

Ever since Apple lost its damn mind in a blood-frenzy of control issues, I’ve been contemplating ditching my iPhone and getting an Android. I’d probably kick AT&T in the process, too.

I haven’t done my research at all yet, so there’re no decisions being made at the moment. I know that cell phone plans are pretty much priced the same everywhere, so cost difference from AT&T to, say, Verizon would be minimal, not including the loss of my two corporate discounts.

When I mentioned the idea to Greg, he said something interesting: “I’m just not sure. I don’t want to give Apple my money, but I really like the iPhone UI.” (paraphrase) That got me thinking.

He pointed out that we already have the phone and aren’t giving Apple money except through iTunes purchases. Certainly a valid point. He’s a big iWone gamer (I’m not), so he’s got more concerns with regards to app variety and has heard more rumors about gaming on the Androids.

Thing is, I’ve never used an Android OS phone. I have no idea of whether its UI is good or bad, how it browses the web, what apps and games are available for it. How can I say it’s not as good as an iPhone?

I work with Mac-heads and appreciate their enthusiasm for Apple’s UI — Apple does make pretty, well-designed stuff, and I enjoy using Macs, despite the learning curve. But Windows 7 is good, too. More importantly, it’s good enough.

I’m not the gadgeteer that I was in high school, with the latest and greatest and fastest PC, cell phone, PDA, etc. I don’t need it, and I don’t seek it out. I have specific computing needs and I can generally anticipate my future needs. I’m not likely to even want to pick up some new graphically-cutting-edge game, so why spend $$ on the absolute best video card on the market?

When I got my iWone, I wasn’t sure what my smartphone needs would be, because I’d never had one. Now I have a smartphone that’s sluggish and slow, can’t tether to my pretty new netbook without breaching contract, and is produced by a company whose values I don’t support.

It feels like living in a Wal-Mart-only town.

I don’t want to be a person who says to herself, “What I have isn’t good, but I’m fine not researching other options that might be better.” And I certainly don’t want to ever be dogmatic about a brand name. I don’t do that with programming languages/environments/frameworks/etc., I don’t do it with my netbook or PC, and I shouldn’t do it with this little boat-anchor in my purse. Preferences are fine, stubborn ignorance isn’t.