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New Witches Story: “Esteemed Relations”

Esteemed Relations” is the fifth piece of the Witches of Ming Ung tale:

“Did you really need to wear that?” Hardi whispered to Robert. “You look like a clown.”

Robert straightened his lavender shirt. “I, my dear, am a peacock in a field of pigeons.” One of the soldiers behind him snorted a laugh. Robert shot him a look, but continued, “I know how station ladies are. I have to stand out from these military types, or I’ll never get… noticed.”

Hardi rolled her eyes and eyed his luggage dubiously as they moved forward in line. She refused to ask what was in the five bags, since the answer might be “more shirts like those.”

This one is going out much later in the day than I’d hoped. I still needed to do some editing work on it, but my desktop’s hard drive died rather horribly last night. It would just power off. Just the drive. Couldn’t even scan the damn thing. I also had a beautiful wedding to attend today (the very well-suited Shelly and Chris).

I’m so very glad Mark inspired me to get a good backup solution in place, because as I type, my 44 GB of backed up files are being moved back from my external disk via CrashPlan. All music, all documents, all AppData and game saves, etc.

Greg also lost his Windows install due to a virus just two or three weeks ago. It is so worth the money to have on-site and off-site backups automatically taken care of, through whatever means.

Luckily, my pretty little netbook (Samantha) has been serving as a near desktop replacement since I got her, and so I publish this from there. I don’t even have to pull a Muffy (prepare to laugh at that link; you’ll probably think of someone you know).

Oh, and she has CrashPlan installed, too. One whole GB gets backed up!