Quasi-daily linkage

Writing long-hand

A coworker of mine was sweet enough to give me a gorgeous Moleskine notebook–120 pages, can lie almost perfectly flat when open, and a paper cover that can be drawn on.

Perfect for writing short stories.

It’s great because I don’t get caught up in the foibles of technology that interfere with getting into a flow. I don’t have to worry about making sure I have the right USB drive in, or having internet access. It also really helps with letting a story go until its real end. It’s not a matter of word counts and limiting terms like “flash fiction”; it’s just… writing.

Problem is, of course, it’s slower. It takes me a few days to write a story of the length of “Blackout“. Getting it typed up with initial edits takes another couple of hours, and putting in Gregory‘s edits takes a little bit longer.

That shakes out to about a full week turn-around for a 2k-3k word story. I’m a full story ahead at this point (and getting ahead-er), so it works.

Wouldn’t want to do it for my novels, though. That’d be a little much.

New Witches story: “Blackout”

After entirely too long a hiatus, I have a new Witches story/chapter ready.

There’s no good excuse for the lapse aside from the heartbreak of leaving my job of two years and the stress of starting in a new position. An amicable departure and happy beginning, but stressful nonetheless.

Hardi and Robert’s journey continues in “Blackout“:

“There will be some changes to your travel plans,” Captain Relburn stated. “Given the incident with Ms. Bran, commercial travel obviously isn’t going to work.”

He continued, “To that end, we’re putting you on the J.M.S. Merriweather, bound for Beta. It boards in three quarters of an hour and should get you to Beta in two days.”

“Wow,” Robert said. “Suddenly, we’re high-profile.”

Greg pointed out that these read much more like chapters than a series of shorts, and I agree. So they’re now officially chapters of a serialized… novella, I guess.