When ignorance isn’t allowed to win

Ever since Apple lost its damn mind in a blood-frenzy of control issues, I’ve been contemplating ditching my iPhone and getting an Android. I’d probably kick AT&T in the process, too.

I haven’t done my research at all yet, so there’re no decisions being made at the moment. I know that cell phone plans are pretty much priced the same everywhere, so cost difference from AT&T to, say, Verizon would be minimal, not including the loss of my two corporate discounts.

When I mentioned the idea to Greg, he said something interesting: “I’m just not sure. I don’t want to give Apple my money, but I really like the iPhone UI.” (paraphrase) That got me thinking.
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Quasi-daily linkage

Quasi-daily linkage

New Transhuman Congress story: “Cultivating Progress”

I finished up the Transhuman Congress arc of Ted with the story “Cultivating Progress“:

“I guess it’s my turn now,” drawled Baud Scoli of the mid-Atlantic region. I paid more attention. A stocky, bare-headed woman of middle years, Scoli was notoriously blunt but generally fair, in my opinion.

“I don’t know why the hell we’re all on parade, honestly,” she started. “Conscript the artificials and leave the real people out of it. Done.”

There should be a lot of fun tidbits for folks frustrated with a lack of answers thus far in the series. If you – like I – don’t remember what was going on in the plot, check out “Expanding Borders” and “Ensuring Safety“.

But I don’t want to make your day

All I needed was a stopper for a file cabinet. Some slider shelfy thing that would hold up my measly 10 file folder. What I got was a Great Moment of Objectification.

I strolled up to a group of potential helpers, and as I asked the one I’ve seen most around the office, “Hey, do you know where I can find–” his buddy gave me a once-over and muttered, “Mmm, mmm. You just made my day.”
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