I have a cast!

Cast in Purple

Purple is one of my favorite colors, and I was quick to pick it for the thing I’ll be staring at and working around for the next 4 weeks.

I’m still mostly left-handed, except now I’m stuck taking baths, too. 🙁 Good news is that my wrist hurts less since I got the cast put on.

Snap, jack!

So, while I was in San Antonio on Friday, I went rollerskating with Dre and T-dawg. Being more than a little rusty, I fell. Twice. Took a kid with me, too, although it was his fault for skating right across my path. Did I look like I knew how to stop?

Anyway, when I gallantly saved the kid from my crushing weight by falling back, I–of course–caught myself on my right wrist. That’s fine. Just a sprain, right?

Flying back to Charlotte was annoying. Constant pain, luggage all left-handed and awkward. I ended up getting a store-bought brace, which helped a bit.

Yesterday, though… Typing and note-taking and everything… ow. Sprains shouldn’t keep getting worse, I figured, so I went to urgent care and got an x-ray.

And came home with this:

Splinted arm

Broken. Done. Doc said I basically accordioned the bone.

I’m completely left-handed at the moment, making this post a 45-minute endeavor. I’m off in about 5 minutes to an orthopedist to get a cast.

I had fun skating, though.

Quasi-daily linkage

Lo lo lo, or la la la?

I hadn’t seen this before Sunday, and it seems there are other folks in my circle who haven’t, either, so here it is.

Eduard Khil’s “Trololo”

That is all.

Well, not really:

What He Should Be Saying

Eduard Khil Watching Parodies of Himself

(Closed captioning is on.)

In other news, I spent last weekend in San Antonio. I’ll have a Transhuman Congress story posted very soon relating to my experience, as well as a bunch photos of peeps.

New Witches Story: “Esteemed Relations”

Esteemed Relations” is the fifth piece of the Witches of Ming Ung tale:

“Did you really need to wear that?” Hardi whispered to Robert. “You look like a clown.”

Robert straightened his lavender shirt. “I, my dear, am a peacock in a field of pigeons.” One of the soldiers behind him snorted a laugh. Robert shot him a look, but continued, “I know how station ladies are. I have to stand out from these military types, or I’ll never get… noticed.”

Hardi rolled her eyes and eyed his luggage dubiously as they moved forward in line. She refused to ask what was in the five bags, since the answer might be “more shirts like those.”

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