On Life and Love

A Letter to 2011

Hello, 2011,

I’ve taken to writing to you in my personal journal, and in three days it’s already stopped being cutesy and creepy and started being fer skerious. We have words to exchange, 2011. More than words.

2010–bless her heart–was a year of fractured interests: I set a date for my wedding. I changed jobs. I branched out in role-playing. I attacked the hell out of my debt. I wrote in public.

2011, you’re the year of finishing: I’m going to finish my last sliver of debt. I’m going to finish not having a long-term financial plan. I’m going to get married. I’m going to finish my novel. I’m going to finish not being happy enough.

I’m going to bring cohesion to my life. I want peace, I want focus, and I want simplicity.

I don’t know what this is going to cost me, but I suspect it won’t be cheap. I have excellent role models to examine, and the support of almost everyone I know, if I open up.

Welcome, 2011. Let’s deal.

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  • Dre

    I need this kind of determination. Being complacent and such is taking a toll on the mental and physical for sure.