On Life and Love

Science Night in the Avery/Weir/Frisina Household

Given a large block of dry ice and the following substances, create an hour of fun for three people:

I was very late picking up the camera and had a hell of a time getting the 55-200mm lens to focus, but here are some shots:

Late-game, but most of the setup.
Late-game, but most of the setup. The tall narrow glass is the rubbing alcohol, the wine glass was warm water, the plastic cup was soda, the champagne bottle is the holder for the taper that we blew out repeatedly, the pitcher held warm water and dishwashing liquid, and the little container front-and-center is laundry detergent, alcohol, and warm water.

Lettuce in alcohol and water
A piece of lettuce that was soaked in rubbing alcohol with dry ice. Even before it became embedded in the water I added (in this shot), it was frozen crisp.
Laundry detergent bubbles
It took some warm water added to get anything useful from the laundry detergent, but when we did, it was awesome to see the CO2-filled bubbles and burst them.
Several bubbles in the detergent
Another shot of the laundry detergent, with multiple bubbles.