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Weekly Linkage: The Back in the Saddle Edition

Slim pickings, because, you know, I got married last weekend. Then I spent four days with next to no internet in the mountains (fun!). Wedding and honeymoon pictures are in need of sorting, editing, and posting, but that ain’t happening super-quick. The wedding (awesome as it was!) was the segue into the important part: being married. I’m a bit wrapped up in the (fun) administrative aspects of that at the moment: getting names changed (Melissa Avery-Weir, y’all), insurance worked out, and finances merged.

Side note: ING is frigging obnoxious in changing accounts from individual to joint. If I’m signed in and editing my accounts, Greg has to sign in every single time I make him the joint account holder. Can I get, like, a cookie? A session variable? Can ING remember him for five damn minutes?

In the meantime: