On Life and Love

Moving: Done

As this is posting, Greg is handling the final details of vacating our old house. It took a week and a half to clean that house suitably–a sure sign that the house was too ridiculously large in the first place.

Oh, well. The me of today is not the me of two years ago.

Unfortunately, my shoulder wasn’t completely better yesterday despite being done with the steroids, and an hour medfitation, half an hour sitting and discussing a book, and over three hours of climbing around cleaning house last night have reinjured my shoulder. Could be a different injury: I still have the jerky rotation, but my shoulder burns and there’s an inconsistent tingly feeling down my arm, both of which are new. My range of motion’s no worse, though.

(As a practical question, I’d love ideas on how to meditate if I can’t sit upright or lie down without a lot of pain.)

So I’m basically one-handed today, which is the bee’s bum. I did eat a tasty, locally-grown smoked porkchop for dinner last night, though.

Regardless, the move is done, and all that’s left is making a home of our new place. We have a strange overabundance of chairs–courtesy of hosting games–that we apparently managed to conceal better in the old place. Right now, they’re just in the living room, which is quite awkward. And then we put boxes on them, making them more awkward.

I suspect Greg may just cram everything into our bedroom tonight for D&D.

We also have baskets and boxes of clothes I’m not 100% sure are clean, meaning all time is Laundry Time until I catch up.

And there’s still that box or three of kitchen stuff…

Between the constant pain, the move, weird stuff at work, and my usual gamut of activities, ’tis definitely a time for working on equanimity. (Aside: the Dharma Seed talks are wonderful work listening.)