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Weekly Linkage: Friday Fon

That’s, um, fon.

I’m currently taking an evening off from former-house cleaning to sit and chill with my busted shoulder. An old, old injury reared its head when we moved, and my left arm can’t raise more than about 20 degrees from straight down without quite a bit of pain. Lifting is a no-go. I’m very lucky that my right shoulder (also generally wonky) didn’t give way, too.

This week’s been chock full of coding, moving, fun food, and a bit of escapism, and my reading probably reflects that:

  • xkcd: Python – This pretty much sums up my experience with Python lately. Beautiful (albeit very differently than the beauty of Ruby) and fun.
  • Dear Photograph – So sweet…
  • Adding Python Information to the Windows Registry – If you're running the Bitnami Django stack, you need to manually register the installed version of Python with this script in order to install things like pywin32/win32api.
  • guyblade: Amendment One – Guy takes a good look at the Brown v. Ema decision, including Judge Thomas's creepy dissent.
  • Slow-Cooker Monday: Sour Cream Cheesecake – Never thought to try making a cheesecake in the crock pot, but this seems like it could be tasty. Doesn't cut down much on the prep, cook, and cool time of a normal cheesecake, though.
  • Dan Savage on the Virtues of Infidelity – NYTimes.com – "Savage believes monogamy is right for many couples. But he believes that our discourse about it, and about sexuality more generally, is dishonest. Some people need more than one partner, he writes, just as some people need flirting, others need to be whipped, others need lovers of both sexes. We can’t help our urges, and we should not lie to our partners about them. In some marriages, talking honestly about our needs will forestall or obviate affairs; in other marriages, the conversation may lead to an affair, but with permission. In both cases, honesty is the best policy. "
  • Equally compelling video evidence has been ignored before | Prometheus 6 – Remember those Miami cops caught on video killing someone? They drew guns on the folks taking the video and did damage to the phone in an attempt to squash the video.

    Well… here's the video.

  • Mmmm, Inequality – mlkshk – 40 months vs. 15 years. That's all I have to say.