On Life and Love

I “Treasure” the Opportunity

I accepted a Board position for my church today.

…There are several words in that sentence that feel a little foreign coming out of my mouth. (Clue: “accepted”, “Board position”, and yes, “church”)

The cute thing to say here would be, “Oh, geez, this is such a ‘real adult’ thing to do! When did I become an adult?” Insert bashful giggle, etc.

Leaving aside the fact that I haven’t felt like a kid in a long damn time, I find that I’m mostly feeling a calm readiness to take this on.

Of course, I might be singing a different tune after a few board meetings and the sorts of miscellaneous conflicts that are rumored to happen in UU church committees/boards.


  • lukesaysmoo

    As I’ve sat on several small boards for various organizations – it’s a thrill and a let down. Learning “how the sausage is made” is both really cool and leads you to hate the whole of humanity. Or something like that. It’s a great experience and can be a lot of fun. My experience tells me that you’ll enjoy it greatly.

    • averymd

      lukesaysmoo¬†Why “hate the whole of humanity”? Because of how petty stuff can stop progress?

      • lukesaysmoo

        averymd¬†Pretty much. The petty stuff gets to be tiring. The number of people who drop the ball (while I’m guilty it gets problematic when they drop said ball and you’ve got 250 people showing up for a pub crawl and 3 days to fix whatever it is…or something like that).
        The other part about hating the whole of humanity is watching just how much “hate” gets thrown at organizers and decision makers. It’s distressing how worked up people can get over tiny issues. There are, of course, people who make things amazing and fabulous people along the way. While that’s rewarding it’s difficult to remember the good when the bad gets in your face.