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    Nuremberg: Day 1 (Monday)

    (Note: it’s looking like I’m going to be a day or two behind on each of these. That’s not the worst, I guess.) Agenda: Get checked in at the apartment Get food Walk around and see some stuff A pretty chill agenda, brought on by the fatigue of travel and wanting to ease ourselves in a bit. I teased this in the last post: I wish I had a picture of what Google’s live translation made of that photo, but it was garbage. Something about wrinkles. Translating now based off of that picture reveals that we should have had our train tickets stamped for validation. Oops. But we made it!

  • On Life and Love

    I “Treasure” the Opportunity

    I accepted a Board position for my church today. …There are several words in that sentence that feel a little foreign coming out of my mouth. (Clue: “accepted”, “Board position”, and yes, “church”) The cute thing to say here would be, “Oh, geez, this is such a ‘real adult’ thing to do! When did I become an adult?” Insert bashful giggle, etc. Leaving aside the fact that I haven’t felt like a kid in a long damn time, I find that I’m mostly feeling a calm readiness to take this on. Of course, I might be singing a different tune after a few board meetings and the sorts of miscellaneous…

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    Missing: spiritual discourse

    A visit to my favorite local UU church this past weekend led to the realization that I probably won’t be getting my spiritual fulfillment from a church any time soon. The two things that draw me to church are: the peaceful environment; the people — my friends and their parents and the various children; and the promise of some spiritual tidbit being intellectually examined in a way that leaves me enriched in some way when it’s over. I don’t think I can get that from a standard sermon. The last really requires discussion, not a lecture/sermon, and optimally a discussion with some of those people I’m there to be with.…