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The PT Appointment Is Made

My cat Jackie, curled up and looking lazy.
Your dose of cat for this post.

Had my 5-ish week checkup this morning with the shoulder surgeon (strange person — I’d describe them as “brusquely kind”), and based on my pain levels, the prognosis is good!

They’re weaning me off the hydrocodone and onto Ultram (at a much higher dosage than I had pre-surgery, thankfully), and have mandated that by the end of week 8, I should be out of the sling as much as possible.

That transitioning process is going to be handled by my physical therapist, which I start seeing August 4. I stopped by my old PT‘s office, handed over the referral from the surgeon, and made the appointment.

Bad news: I still can’t @#$%## drive. OMG, I want to be able to go to the gorram grocery store — or a coffee shop, or to the damn beach — on my own. I’m having a nearby colleague take me to work on Thursday just to see some smiling faces in the office.

Good news: Soon, no narcotics! (I guess this is good. I will miss dem.)

Scary news: Transitioning out of the sling is probably going to be done pretty aggressively, and based on my experiences without the sling on Friday, that’s not going to be fun.

I’m sure August 4 will be here before I know it, but I was kinda ready to start PT next week.